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Online Meet Information Revised 3-18-21


TMSCA Online Testing Procedures and Guidelines


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Proctoring On-Line Testing


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2021 TMSCA MS Qualifying Meets Format

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2021 Middle School Qualifying Scores are now posted.

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TMSCA Launches New On-Line Testing Format for Meets


TMSCA is launching a new testing program that will allow TMSCA to host both the High

School and Middle School state meets using a format that will ensure these three goals:

• First and foremost, allow our students and coaches to test in the safest environment


• Second, provide an equitable testing situation for all participating schools.

• Lastly, preserve the integrity of the testing process and the results produced by the

testing experience.


TMSCA will host both the High School State Meet and the Middle School Championship

meet this year. The dates of the state meets will remain as originally scheduled:

HS State Meet (3/20/21) and MS State Meet (4/24/21). Prior to the state meets,

we will host a series of practice meets and the MS qualifying meets using the same

on-line format.


We need everyone to understand that we are trying to develop a process that will

give the greatest number of students the best opportunity to participate in competitive

math and science. Every area of the state is operating under different

parameters/safety protocols and we are trying to find a "universal solution for

individualized circumstances". That is difficult, to say the least. Our decision-making

process was centered around these aforementioned goals.


Given the above, TMSCA will host both a High School State Meet and a Middle School

Championship meet this year. The dates of the meets will remain as originally

scheduled: HS State Meet (3/20/21) and MS State Meet (4/24/21).


Briefly, here is how these meets and preceding practice/qualifying meets will be conducted:

• Schools will use the TMSCA website to register for the meets

• Students will test on their own campus. (NO TESTING WILL BE ALLOWED FROM HOME).

Please do not ask for any exceptions to this rule.

• All tests will be on computer, with students entering answers into the computer

and all exams will be automatically graded by the computer.

• Grading of the tests will basically follow UIL/TMSCA rules. For instance, this program

will grade answers on the calculator test in either standard notation or in scientific

notation, with the +/- one in the third significant digit. But, there will be a few exceptions

and these will be explained in detail.

• Testing must occur during a scheduled testing window on the meet date ONLY.

Here is the standard testing schedule that will be used for each meet date:


• Number Sense - 8:30 - 9:00 am

• Calculator - 9:01 - 10:00 am

• Math - 10:01 - 11:00 am

• Science - MS - 11:01am - 12:00 pm / HS - 11:01m - 1:10 pm


• Each school will be asked to proctor their students testing just as though

proctoring a testing room at a live practice meet or at the actual live state meet. We

will provide detailed appropriate proctor instructions. All tests are timed by the


• Entry fees into each of the practice meets and the MS qualifying meets will be

$5.00 per entry. Entry fees for both state meets will be $7.00 per entry.

• TMSCA is scheduling a series of practice meets using this platform before the

HS state meet and before the MS qualifying meets.

There will be 3 HS and 3 MS practice meets using the new platform.

The new TMSCA testing calendar is posted on the website and is in this newspaper.

It has a complete listing of the new meet dates/formats. These meets will begin

on 2/6/21. Registration for the 2/6/21 meets, both HS and MS, is now open.


• We will also provide coaches with detailed instructions on procedures for

entering scores into the computers to share with their students, as well as some

hints to let your students practice data entry outside of the program.

• All middle school qualifying meets held will also be utilizing this new platform

in order to ensure that all qualifying opportunities are equitable across the state.

We understand that you will have many questions. Most of these questions will be

answered after your students have participated in at least one of the scheduled

practice meets. We would strongly encourage you to participate in as many practice

meets as possible in order for your students to be prepared for the qualifiers and

state meets.


TMSCA hopes that you and your students will be able to participate in this new endeavor.

We felt strongly that we needed to be able to offer students the opportunity to compete

at the state level this year and feel that we have come up with a viable solution.